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Hello everybody.It might be my longest downswing I have ever had...I would say its from summer,although I have won once per week...but its a sick downswing anyway.Yesterday I was in casino in Finland and there was 40 40 plo with finnish pokerfriends and I won 45k which is good for 40 40...I really start to grind on next year and play more live games too...hmm...hmm....I dont have much to say now but its fcking boring when u get one winningday you lose it back right away tomorrow....but thats poker so its normal...hehehehe.ok...Im in good shape on next summer and I start to grind on January.


y0.Its a really long time from last entry.I was playing Million Dollar Cash game and I came back home and then went back to London and now Im back again.

Million dollar cash game

Hi guys...I just arrived to London yesterday evening and I ll play million dollar cash  game.It will start in few hours.

I have played now like two weeks...I womn first 1,5 million but then lost almost 800 back to Cole South and Brian Hastings.....less party more poker and training...later buddies.bye.



y0 everybody..I start to play now more....Just lost 180k but I try to play next few weeks smaller than 200 400....lets see.


Hi.I just finished my session and I lost 500k...I played very bad and didnt get inspiration...I keep break till next month and I start play seriously :) FCUK...Im so tilt for poker....Life is good,poker isnt so..Jep Jep.Training starts in two weeks too and I made a food bet too yesterday...So I think Im better shape kilos in my body and kilos in my pocket at least end of this year.GL everybody.Bye.Now drinking.


Hi Everybody..It has been a long time from last entry...Havent had much to tell.I really enjoy about like 3-4 times pe rweek with friends and sun is shining :)

Fever,Skirts,and Vuvuzela

y0 all.It was midsummer party here in Finland...We went to cottage with good friends...little bit sauna ,sausages,new potatoes etcetc....fcuk I got fever....I still have it...but It was really cool midsummer anyway.We went to barndance and that was supercool...There was some hot hickgirls with summerskirts but without nice barndance in Ämyri.

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COOLEST RAP VIDEO IN THE WORLD...and football and isildur

y0.Its a long time from last entry but nothing special has happened....Of course Worldchampionsfootball started...but matches has been fcking boring...and I have lost like 400k for those matches.I have played poker maybe twice last two months...Last session was against Isildur two days ago and it went ok..I was first down like 400k but then I came up like 550 or something...I played ok.I think I will continue partying summer and start poker end of August...I have had good times.

Cannes and angry-actor

Y0 everybody.I was last week in Cannes with my friends.We went there on tuesday and my trip didnt get good start because I lost for Hastings just before aeroplane left like 350k.I was already up like 250kbut then I came down 600k in 20 min...there was one funny pot which wasnt even funny if you think it little bit..I would say like standard...but anyway I put it here

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Hi.Last time I said I might keep brake from poker but I didnt.I played at same evening...But funniest session for me ws two days ago..I played first against Gus and I was losing like 250k or some like that and I went totally tilt.I broke my mac when I lost last pot against Gus..I was playing in three table and I wanted to continue..but...I didnt find mouse and I had only my computer because I have broke my all went to ringing my neighbour doorbell and asked if they can lend me mouse...they lent me that and I came back and won like 450k....That was cool.I just lost a

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