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So far, no good

I played in a live cash game with Antonio in San Diego about a week ago. Half 50/100 PLO, Half 25/50 with 200ante (posted by big blind) NLHE and I dropped 50k like a donk. The game is reasonably soft, yet I've had two terribad sessions there out of maybe 10 sessions in the last year. Thought I played decent, but ehhhh.  And grindin' it online I was up a bit, until yesterday when I got slammed in one session. I also lost some having pieces in some TV games that just happened in Vegas...

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Changing my life

I just got back from Brazil a few days ago on the 15th. I delayed my flight 2 days, because I got sick at the end of my trip in Brazil. So I got back the day of the 15k tournament. I decided to play, although I had just flown for about 16 hours, and only slept for about 4 hours near the beginning. I think it was a mistake, and I played pretty well for most of the day until I played two tens pretty badly in the 4th level and busted out to aces. I think I should have just skipped this tourney.

Vegas "routine"

I just got back from Brazil about a week ago. I was down there for two weeks with Juliana, it was nice. I don't like playing online from my laptop, without my hold'em manager and all my stats. I used to never use stats, but nowadays it seems to me that they are crucial to winning online, especially in CAP PLO. Now that I'm back in Vegas, I feel a lot more confident about my play online.

Been a minute...

Hey everyone, I know it's been a while since my last blog... sorry! My life has been a little crazy. The most important thing going on with me right now involves my girlfriend, Juliana.  We tried again to get her a visa, this time to a school (English Time School) in Las Vegas. She was accepted at the school, got an I-20 form, we filled out all the rest of the forms, and her appointment was today at the Brazillian Embassy. The lady rejected her, again.

Finished WSOP strong!

So, the last two weeks of my WSOP were good. I played the 100/200 PLO, 100/200-300 ante NLHE half-n-half game in Bobby's room a bunch, and the 25/50-100 ante NLHE game at Bellagio some too. I won a decent amount... and ended up having a decent series. Not incredible, but I won some, and after being evenish through most of the series at the end of June, I am pretty happy with how I ended.

Ho Hum Series

So far this series has been a little disappointing.  I have played a lot of poker! The first 10 days of the Series I played about 40 hrs/week on avg., in part because I played through and beat FFXIII...

Play little, play worse

I got back to Vegas the day before the 50k began.  I am a little bummed I didn't get to play it this year... I think that I can play all the games pretty well, and would have a decent shot at that tournament... but right now 50k was way too much for me to put up for a tournament, and I didn't want to sell off a ton cuz it'd be pretty tilting to win and get less than half of your buy-in or something.

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Costa Rica & WSOP

I went to Costa Rica for 9 days before the series. I decided not to play any poker here, just enjoy myself. It's a beautiful country, so green and lush, a little sleepy too. Definitely a nice place to relax before the WSOP. The first two places I stayed were out, away from cities - Peace Lodge & Tabacon. Tons of nature stuff to see, and they are right near active volcanoes. Tabacon had a sick hot springs you could use every day... My spanish has been getting pretty decent, which is cool.

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Rolling along

Well, I've ended up not playing as much as I would have liked before the WSOP. After my month started out terribly, I stopped grinding every day. I did put in a full day for the SCOOP tourneys... and went kinda deep in the 10k. I ended up going out around 100th (out of about 600ish or so I think). Blinds were 500/1k with ante... I open the button to 2500, and sb calls. bb makes it about 9000-9500 (don't remember exactly). There was a little over 15k in the pot, and I had about 50k total.

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Back to basics

Last weekend I was in San Diego for a bachelor party. That of course involved a lot of drinking and general debauchery... and I stayed in San Diego for a few extra nights with Antonio, going out on the town. One of the days of the bachelor party we rented a yacht for the day and cruised around San Diego harbor partying. That day Antonio and I made a 3 month no-drinking bet (with 6 passes) for 10k... the bet starts on Monday. I realized that I needed to stop partying and start playing some poker!

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