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Running hot

Now I can honestly say I’ve been running good lately. Except at PokerStars. I had a really bad session there right after my last update. I had about $100k at tops there (started with about 25k I think), but it didn’t last long in the 50/100 NL. I ran bad, and the game wasn’t even good. I guess I have to ask someone to transfer me some money there, the deposit limits are small… 10k a week (which I already lost this week). But the games are not usually that amazing, regulars are good – same as at FTP.

Action and sick hands

There has been some good action lately, and I'm still doing good. I started playing at PokerStars like a week ago. There has been some 50/100 6max NL running daily, but all the players are regulars and pretty good. Nonetheless I'm running good so far. The action at Ongame has been slowing down, but there has been some good games every now and then.

No Full Tilt

Cannes PPT was like all my tournaments lately. Ran really bad, just couldn't win any hands. I'm not even gonna try to remember any hand histories, it doesn't matter really. I decided not to go to London, just don't feel like it at all so why would I... There will be tons of other events and it's much nicer to play if you actually want to.

No good so far - looking forward to Cannes

I went to Tallinn for the EPT, not much to tell from there - couldn't win any hands really and busted soon after the dinner break. I played a few FTOPS events, only cash was a minicash in the main. There were 2k 6handed Omaha and 2k NL tournaments in Helsinki which I played. I was 12th in Omaha, sounds good but it's not. There were 58 players (if I remember correctly), and money only for the final 6. There weren't many more players in the NL either. Don't know where all the players are, small tournaments but I don't think that's the problem - more likely people are too broke than too rich.

Back in Europe - and grinding

The Vegas trip was longer than I planned - again. But that's allright, it was a good month. Not so much game-wise, but a lot of good times at the clubs etc. I started playing live cash games too late, there was not so much action left. I was surprised there was nothing higher than 25/50 running. Not even that all the time. So I played a few sessions in a 25/50 NL and once in 25/50 PLO.

Main Event

I played the main event on 1d. I was a few hours late, but still had over 27k when I took the seat. I ran really bad, didn't make any hands and the few times I had something I didn't get any action. My table wasn't very good, altho there weren't any really good players either. There was one pretty loose guy who pulled some sick bluffs.

Las Vegas

I've been to Vegas for a week now. I'm staying at the new Aria Hotel, which is pretty cool. Seems like almost everybody is playing a lot of events and making all kinds of sick prop bets. It feels like such a waste of time to sit all day at the Rio. I dunno... at least I feel like there must be better things to do in Vegas.


Midnight Sun main event (3k, in Helsinki) was quick and painless. I was the third player to bust, I ran into a fullhouse with AK on KKT2 board. I think it's the best way to bust, early and into a setup. Don't have any expectations yet and didn't do anything stupid.

Haven't booked anything for Vegas yet, but I think I'll be going there within two weeks. Just gonna take it easy until that, play some online - still grinding the eurosites, longest break from FTP in ages and it feels pretty good actually.

Om de volledige inhoud weer te geven, zul je een account moeten aanmaken.


Back to grinding 4 days ago, had like 10 days before that when I didn't play almost at all. There was the Formula 1 weekend in Monaco which was a lot of fun. Had a lot of good friends over and I was really looking forward to it because I missed it last year. It was totally worth the wait. It's not that you see a lot of the cars when they pass the visible 100 meters so fast no matter which part of the track you are, but the atmosphere, the parties, the good company... Actually another cool thing was that they drive the same roads I drive every day.

Om de volledige inhoud weer te geven, zul je een account moeten aanmaken.

EPT Grand Final

So I didn't quite make the final table in Monte-Carlo. I busted 12th a few hours ago. So close... I mean 12th is good out of 800+ players, but the prize money goes up so much when you make the top 5 or top 3. Cool 1.7 million euros for the winner, I only got 80k euros. Better than nothing huh. I'm not too disappointed, I'm happy with the way I played and my time will come some other day.

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