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I see can see the light

The last few weeks have been very good for me not counting today where I lost like 22k to 200/400 cap which I thought was soft enough that I would play in so no regrets. Played some 50/100 on ipoker and won like 40k, won like 50k on fulltilt one day where half of it came from a 200/400 game with cadillac, and 2 days ago managed to win over 30k euros on entraction playing just 2 tables of 15/25 for a short time, ran really good and got some donations.


With this rate I'll be going broke really soon, should probably turn into a tournament-pro before that happens. I think it's the longest downswing I've had during my career now, just finished playing some 200/400 cap, there was a new nick who at first played very questionably at 25/50 and moved to 200/400 but he seemed to tighten up and play ok there so I didnt stick for long, still a quick -55k while maintaining a positive expectation.

Online poker...

Been grinding really much online lately with disappointing results. A few weeks ago I was close to reaching this years all-time high this year ev-wise but been running very bad since. Lately I have either been in such a good upswing I've felt like I have to play the rush, or just (mostly) in a downswing and had to grind myself back to even so it's been alot of grinding!  Had like 10k left on partypoker when a few days ago I checked there was actually some games running. Too bad there is no rakeback but there has been one guy barreling away at 25/50 to make up for it.

Live tourneys this year

I just started realizing how much money I've really burned into live tourneys this year. I'm gonna try to remember all of them. Last year was ridiculously good live tournament-wise. Not only did I manage to win an EPT, but I cashed a ton, my ITM was way over 30% I think. It still continued to the first tournament this year, the pokerstars caribbean adventure, where I mincashed. I realized I ran hot, but to be honest I actually thought I was simply so much better than most, that this was just a slightly good run. I kept seeing people make horrible plays, and felt the edge.

London and 300k pot

I played the 2.5k 6max and 5k plo in london, and the results were the same as live tournaments have gone for me this year otherwise, no cash. The NLHE event I played for around 5 hours, still had my starting stack when i pick up AK in the bb, folded to the btn who opens, i 3bet and call a shove. Lose to QQ. In the PLO event I just slowly lost my stack, limping in with big pairs to limped pots and missing the flopppp.......

London soon

Yo, nothing special has really happened since last blog update.  Been grinding decently, won like 100k on ongame but lost almost the same amount on ipoker.. Also had one 200/400 cap session on fulltilt where i gathered nicely with sklansky bucks, not so many real ones. Not going to post many handhistories this time, but here is a funny one I played a few days ago: sort of, im bluffing... no wait you are bluffing. msstokes has been adding some nice plo action to ongame, hopefully it will continue and i can keep running good there.

Nosebleeds and swings

Warning: I just realized this became pretty long lol.. gl reading it all


Been travelling for a couple of weeks, in Spain, Marbella with my gf visiting a friend who has started a bar there, and in Miami with my family. Can't remember when I have played as little poker as I did during the trips, and trying to get back to the grind now. I played some more 100/200 and 200/400 CAP PLO on fulltilt a few days before the trip, and here and there during it. Have really had a rough run there, EV-wise and I think cooler-wise aswell.

More grinding and Miami

Very little has happened poker-wise since last update, the grinds have ended up around breakeven, slightly positive expected valuewise. I've also played some really tough HU opposition a bit like cole south, jungleman, tibster, tycon87. My PLO HU game is definitely behind my 6max one, it's good to play against very good players every once in a while to learn, but prolly gonna try to game-select a bit better now for a while. I'm leaving for Miami this saturday with my family, looking to learn to surf and have a short break from poker!


I haven't had much to write about, basically just enjoying the summer and trying to grind at the side. Results have been fairly breakeven, even tho I've won a ton of sklansky bucks, I guess I deserve it now that I've had such a good run the last 2 months. It's hard to stay away from grinding, the value just seems ridiculous at all sites even at the highest stakes of pot-limit omaha. You never know how long it's gonna last. Would have been nice to play some of the PLO events and the main event at the WSOP, but maybe there is a reason I'm a few weeks to young :) Turning 21 in a week.

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