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Big Game with Daniel Negreanu

I recently played on the PokerStars Big Game. For those of you who haven't seen the episode, I was constantly and consistently abused by both Tony G and Daniel Negreanu from the moment I sat down. At the time I did not mind at all to be honest - I was just happy to be in a game with Daniel and Tony G.

"Some of my friends play poker!" (by Lindsey)

I swear everyone I meet asks me what I do, how I got this job, what my duties entail etc etc. Obviously, I know it’s not a normal 9-5 office job where I sit hopelessly enclosed in a boring grey cubicle, but I am going to have to start making up a story. If I sat and thoroughly explained my story to everyone I would never get anything done. Here is a perfect example…


It’s currently 4:30pm in London and I just stumbled out of bed an hour ago.  I ate breakfast at a subway next door to my hotel while I watched a homeless man pan-handling for change with his dog outside a betting shop.  I’d imagine this is a very effective pan-handling location as gamblers collecting winning bets might feel obligated to share their good fortune.

iPhones, toothbrushes and bullet proof vests (by Lindsey)

One of the great things about my job is that there is always something new going on. Yes, I do have a few things I do that are pretty routine but there are always new tasks to complete, events to organize, parties to attend and new people to meet, which I find quite enjoyable. Since I work for Andrew sometimes I accompany him to TV productions, photo shoots, interviews, or sometimes even out of town for tournaments. I help him get ready and organized and even help him pack for going out of town.

Meet... Alec Torelli! (by Lindsey)

Being Andrew's assistant, sometimes his poker player friends will call on me to help them with things too. Andrew has a very good friend whom he has known for about 6 years now and his name is Alec Torelli. He is also a very successful poker player. When Alec comes to town he generally stays with Andrew for the whole time he is in Vegas. I see Alec the most during the summer for the World Series of Poker, or sometimes Andrew will go out to California to play at Commerce Casino and if needed I'll tag along to help them both out while we're there.

Lindsey's first blog!

Hello, my name is Lindsey Cusey and I am the assistant of professional poker player Andrew Robl. I have worked for Andrew for about a year and a half now. The first thing people ask when I tell them what I do is “How did you get that job?” or “Where did you find a job like that?” I think I’ve told the story a million times. Gosh, is it not a common profession to work for a professional gambler?

Too many fish playing

Back to the online grind in August. Running good so far. No time for blogging as too many fish playing ATM. Further update very soon.


The Main Event

On the 4th of July I was at a raging party at Tom Dwan’s penthouse condo. In the midst of the raging party I noticed that 40 of the best poker players in the world were there - shitfaced drunk and surely wouldn’t be playing Day 1A. So with this information in mind I drove over to the Rio (I wasn’t drinking) and registered for Day 1A.

A true story

The following is a true story:

A young pro is revealing himself in the restroom of the Rio during a break of one of the preliminary WSOP tournaments. While he's taking care of business Eskimo Clark wanders in and says, "Hi," to Sam Grizzle who is washing his hands.

Sam replies, "Hey Eskimo, You still in the tournament?"

Eskimo responds: "Yea, I'm doing well have 28,000 in chips."

Sam replies: "Cool, I have 30,000, want to swap 10%?"

Eskimo quickly says, "Yea,  book it."

WSOP Madness!

Sorry for the lack of recent updates - I've been in the middle of the WSOP grind! So far I've played in 5 events and cashed in 3. Not a bad record, but I havn't been able to go on a deep run once I'm in the money. This is quite frustrating for a number of reasons. First off once you get in the money stacks are normally so short that there isn't a whole ton of skill left. Add this to the top-heavy prize pool payouts and you have to get lucky to make any serious money. I've been planning on playing in the $2500 8-game tournament tonight and hopefully I can make something happen.

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