In London staying w my dear friend John Tabatabai for the month. It's WSOPE time and as much as I'm trying to spend most of my time playing poker, it is seemingly difficult to do just that. London is such a distraction city. There is so much to do. So many places to eat. SO many people pulling at you every minute. It's unreal. I've been pretty good about not going out but I must admit I broke down in the last few days and went out last 2 nights. Now I sit in my room thinking that was fun but is it worth what I'm feeling right now!?

I suppose it was! It was a fun night to say the least. We started off at the Victory Poker charity event where i was delivered endless Martinis. I wasn't even ordering them, I dont know where they were coming from but they kept a coming. Afterwards we all went to go eat at an outside hookah bar on some famous Middle Eastern road - food was great and the whole sitting outside hookah thing was even better. It was awesome - then somehow I'm being talked into going out again! im one of those guys that if I drink then I sit down at the end of the night to eat and I'm DONE after I eat. there is no chance I'm going to re-start drinking and go out again. For some reason I was convinced otherwise and out we went. A place called Whiskey Mist, then to an after hours club where I found myself in a taxi coming home at 6am. WHAT A NIGHT.