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Back Home!

Its so nice to be back home. Travelling is nice... but being away from your own bed for two months has its toll on you. I miss my stuff, my things, my friends, my life!

Unfortunately for me the second I got back I got one of the worst colds I've ever had and was bedstruck for almost a week. I finally got out of bed to go see a doctor and after a couple of pretty painful shots in the ass, I was back up and about again.


In London staying w my dear friend John Tabatabai for the month. It's WSOPE time and as much as I'm trying to spend most of my time playing poker, it is seemingly difficult to do just that. London is such a distraction city. There is so much to do. So many places to eat. SO many people pulling at you every minute. It's unreal. I've been pretty good about not going out but I must admit I broke down in the last few days and went out last 2 nights. Now I sit in my room thinking that was fun but is it worth what I'm feeling right now!?


I'm in Istanbul right now. I was in Cyprus for the poker tournament, had a few days to kill and my dad has always wanted to come here. So we came...I'm so glad I did. Wow. Istanbul is such a wonderful place.

First off it's beautiful - I'm talking Sydney Vancouver beautiful. Stunning city. The people are's an entirely diff culture ...mostly Muslim but they all seem very non-judgemental and the people are free to do as they wish. Religion is not forced on them. To top it off the nightlife is NO JOKE!

2 month European adventure

In Cyprus w my dad. My 2 month European adventure has begun. I'm here for the poker tournament...from here I'm taking my pops to Istanbul (he's been wanting to go ever since I was a little boy), then Portugal for the EPT and after that on to Cannes for the Partouche Poker Tour. after that he goes home and I continue to Paris to visit my mom...from there to Finland to visit my buddy Jasper, then London for the WSOPE.

The Boys Trip to Oregon

The Vegas heat is getting better.... Man, does it get hot here! Just got back from a boys camping and rafting trip in Oregon. It was so much fun. We went rafting, camping, we barbequed every night... Just the boys, it was really amazing! It was a trip i really needed. We really take the little things for granted. Things such as the shower or a comfy mattress to sleep on... I went four days without a shower! I jumped in the river everyday but still... In a way it felt really nice.

Back to work

Well folks, the WSOP is over. Time to get back to work. I was happy with the way I played and relatively happy with my results, but as always I could have done more. I played quite a few events with about a 25% cash record but no bracelet and no final table. I was really close in the $5k NLHE but no cigar.

10k HU

I'm home on a break from the 10k HU NL tournament. I beat Justin Bonomo in the first round and am now waiting to get back to play my second match. It was a good match, he played really well but in the end somehow I ended up w all the chips and that was that.

I've been pretty focused on poker lately which is a nice change. Last year I spent most of my nights out instead of playing poker...nowadays I'm either at home laying low or at the poker room grinding away.

Phil Laak has heart

We are about a week into the WSOP. So far I've played 4 events and had one pathetic cash. Playing the 1k NLHE today hoping to make it deep.

Om de volledige inhoud weer te geven, zul je een account moeten aanmaken.

The night of drunken prop betting

Last night was one of the best nights of 2010 for me. And not because I had a huge score or crushed some fish but because I had more fun prop betting than I've ever had...well almost ever! Filming I Bet You with Phil Laak is hard to top but if there was ever a time to top it this would have been it.

Om de volledige inhoud weer te geven, zul je een account moeten aanmaken.

30k no drinking bet

Today is a trademark day for me. Brian Rast and I made a 3 month no drinking bet starting today. Essentially it's a 30k bet and we both have the same bet. In the next 3 months we are each allowed 6 drinking passes - basically one every two weeks.

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